Google Authentication


Sync a roster from Google Classroom to GradeCam!

Note: Currently this feature is being sunsetted at the end of the 21-22 school year in order to provide for a more consistent management of rostering. Teachers that are part of a school/district plan will continue to have rosters managed by their designated Gradient School/District leader as described here.

Sync Roster from Google Classroom

Go to in your Internet browser.

Select the "Login" link and choose "Teachers & Administrators" from the drop-down menu.

Select "Continue with Google" to log in using your Google credentials.

Select the "Sync Now" link when prompted to sync your rosters from Google Classroom.

Select the "Allow" to give GradeCam access to your Google Classroom account.

Select the "Add" button next to each class you want to sync to your GradeCam account.

Confirm classes to be added by selecting the "Done" link.

The class will appear in the Classes tab with the Google Classroom icon next to it.

Note: Classes will be synced each time you login to GradeCam.

Manage Google Classroom Syncing

Access Teacher Settings

Syncing additional classes or disconnecting a class: Select Settings > Google Classroom.

Note: This only manages classes that are actively syncing. Adding or deleting students in a class must be done in Google Classroom.

Select "Manage Classes" to make changes.

Either "Add" (1) a new class or "Disconnect" (2) a synced class.

Note: If you disconnect syncing between GradeCam and Google Classroom, the class lists will stay in GradeCam but no longer be updated through the sync. Changes to the class list can be made in GradeCam independent of Google Classroom. However, if you turn back on the syncing option the Google Classroom version will overwrite any changes you made in GradeCam while it was not being synced.