Teacher Premium – Step by Step

Be sure to watch the Gradient overview video from above or follow the steps below, to explore 4 easy steps for Getting Started with Gradient as a Teacher Premium subscriber.

If you are a teacher with access to the Gradient for Schools/Districts plan, visit the Getting Started for School/District Teachers.

Create a Class

First, create a class to add students and be able to print forms/enable online access for assignments.

  1. From the homepage, select the View Classes tile or Classes icon from the sidebar.
  2. Select NEW to create a class.
  3. Type the name of the class and add the period (optional). Select SAVE.
  4. For more information, try Creating a Class.

Add Students

You can search for students to add them to a class or create them by selecting the New button. Click here for more information or try out the steps below:

  1. From the Students page, select New, choose Create New Student.
  2. Enter information in the New Student dialogue box.
  3. Select SAVE.
    • Student ID - Student IDs must be unique. Once a Student ID is used it can not be used again for another student.
    • GradeCam ID - Used only for scanning and are optional, allow a shorter or different ID to be used, are numeric only, can be reused each year

Repeat steps for each student to be added to the class or to learn how to import a file into a class you've already created, click here.

Create an Assignment

Create an assignment with the article: Create New Multi-Question Assignment
For more information about question types try: Overview Multiple Question Assignment & Question Types

Collect Student Responses

Student responses will be collected either by form scanning or student portal submissions.

Print Forms

  1. From the homepage choose View Assignments.
  2. Open the assignment by selecting the name of the assignment.
  3. Select Forms to open the forms setting window.
  4. Complete the fields for the type of form you want to print.
  5. Select Generate, then Download PDF.
For more information, try Printing Forms.

Student Portal - Adding Online Access

  1. From the homepage choose View Assignments.
  2. Open the assignment by selecting the name of the assignment.
  3. Select the Student Portal icon from the toolbar to open the Add Online Access window.
  4. Set up the online access windows with the Turn In and Review Assignment settings.
  5. Select Save
For more information, try Creating Online Access using Student Portal.

Next Steps

Access links and videos for common Getting Started tasks here. Access additional support articles for class and student setup below:

  • Edit or Delete a Class
  • Edit a Student