Pre-filled Forms (ID bubbles removed)

Print scan forms that have pre-filled student names with bar codes so that students can quickly respond to an assignment or reuse a form with multiple assignments without having to bubble their IDs.

For best results, print forms on white paper, single sided. Make sure the forms are dark enough that the black outline of the form is not compromised. Laminate the forms (or use sheet protectors) and reuse them with dry erase or vis-a-vis markers.

Forms with a Pre-Filled Class (ID bubbles removed)

Select the tile Print Forms By default choosing this option will show the Generic Form settings. To make these forms specific to an assignment you've already created, start typing the Assignment Name or move to the next step.

Print Forms Tile

In the Class field select the class(es) and in the Print forms for... field choose which student to print forms forAny, All, or Select so that names are printed on the form with bar codes instead of ID bubbles.

Pre-filled Forms

  • See Exit Tickets for ideas about this option.
  • Printing Forms

    Preview doesn't always show the updates, so follow the steps below to view the form format.

  • Select the Generate link
  • Download the form as a PDF to print or PNG image to add to an existing document (see samples here)
  • Example Scan Form - Generic Assignment for a Pre-Filled Class

    1. Select Exam from the Form type options.
    2. Type the number of questions you want to appear on the form.
    3. Type in the characters you want to appear in the answer choice bubbles.

    Example Scan Form - Specific Assignment for Pre-Filled Class

    Example Scan Form - Compatible Assignment for Pre-Filled Class

    1. Once a specific assignment has been selected, choose Print a form... to select For assignments with a compatible key
    2. You may change the size of the key on a page by adjusting the %. Remember to generate and download to actually view the adjustment as the preview may not accurately show the change.