Troubleshooting & Best Practices

Check Before Printing

Prior to printing forms, scanning, or using grade transfer there are three prerequisites to check that might save you troubleshooting time:

1. Prior to test week, make sure you have access to the assignments you need. Assignment access is often based on sharing by the author of the assignment. If you're already the author, you're good to go!

2. Check with your Gradient leader(s) about when your term starts and ends for your current classes so you know the deadline for when you need to finish grading. Classes must be "current" to allow you to print forms, scan, and grade transfer. If a term ends in the middle of your assignment scanning or grading process, it can sometimes appear that classes or data has disappeared.

3. Mobile app camera grading is the most popular form scanning method used by Gradient teachers due to the higher quality cameras built into these devices. Download the app to try scanning with your phone or iPad - iOS or Google.

Form Printing Tips


Pre-filled Forms

  • Use pre-filled forms to enhance scanning accuracy and remove the need for troubleshooting mis-bubbled IDs or having to choose which class the student belongs to.

    Form Identifier

  • Make sure the form identifier bubbles (at the bottom of a form) or the bar codes (at top and bottom of longer forms) are visible on the form. If you've used an old form from years ago or cut off the form code or bar codes to save space on your page, the forms will not scan.

  • Print single-sided forms only.
  • If generic forms are being printed and then copied for multiple students or classes, start with an original printed form from your printer to ensure the best copies.

  • If you are not seeing classes within an assignment in the form printing window, contact your Gradient Leader(s) to check term setup or rostering.
  • Scanning Tips

    Camera scanning troubleshooting can be very device-specific. Review our Camera Settings article for more detailed tips about what you can try if you can't get camera scanning to work on your device.

  • Prior to any summative or high stakes test, practice with students and your technology to make sure everything works the way you expect. Create a just for fun quiz. Model WHAT NOT TO DO as well as review any of your own guidelines and expectations for responses.
  • If generic forms are used, Student ID bubbles must be completely filled in and additional drawing or doodling outside and around the form will likely impact scanning.
  • Try different camera heights (maybe it's too high or maybe too close). If students are using a pencil, make sure the lighting is not creating a glare on the filled-in bubbles.
  • Forms should be right side up in the camera window - the form identifier should be on the bottom.
  • The green rectangle must be around the form, within the camera view window, when scanning.
  • If you've tried everything and the device you've used before to scan just isn't cooperating, try uninstalling the GradeCam Helper and re-installing.