Troubleshooting & Best Practices

Generating and Printing the Forms

  1. The form must be printed by the teacher that has access to the class.
  2. The form must be printed for classes in the current terms.
  3. Generic Forms (forms for a specific assignment, no specific class, students will fill in student ID) can be used for current classes for a specific assignment even if the forms were printed prior to the current term.
  4. Print single-sided only.

When Scanning

  1. If Student IDs are being bubbled in by the students, the bubbles must be completely filled in.
  2. The form must be right side up in the camera window – the form identifier should be on the bottom.
  3. The green rectangle must be around the form, within the camera view window, when scanning.
  4. Try different camera heights (maybe it’s too high or maybe too close). If students are using a pencil, make sure the lighting is not creating a glare on the filled-in bubbles.