Forms Overview

This article provides an overview of some form options, possible use cases, and links to additional information about each option.

Pre-filled Forms (ID Bubbles Removed)

Use the Class field: This option will create a form for each student with their name pre-filled so the student does not need to bubble an ID number. When selecting this option, you can choose to print the forms for one or more classes. You may also select any, all, or select students. For more tips, read the Pre-Filled Forms article.

Pre-filled Forms

Possible use cases for Pre-filled Forms - Teachers typically used pre-filled forms for higher-stakes tests where mistakes with ID Bubbles make scoring or grading difficult. Teachers also like pre-filled forms with compatible keys for daily assignments (warm-ups or exit tickets) where teachers can laminate or use sheet protectors for forms and distribute them to each student to keep in their desk, folder, or binder. Students can use a dry-erase marker to fill in the answers and then erase the answers after they are scanned to use the form again.

Generic Forms (ID Bubbles Added)

Use the Class: Print Generic Form for Any Class field: This option creates an area on the scan form for ID bubbles. When selecting this option, specify how many Student ID digits should be on the form (student IDs can be found using the Students icon on your left sidebar navigation). For more tips, read the Generic Forms article.

Generic Form Printing

Possible use cases for Generic Forms - Teachers typically used generic forms across classes and students. Teachers also like generic forms for daily assignments (warm-ups or exit tickets) where the question format remains the same across classes and assignments. Print a stack of these forms that students can grab from as they come into class or laminate a class set for any student to use with dry-erase markers. Many teachers also prefer the compatible key version over the generic form because they can use a variety of question types on the form and are not limited to only multiple choice.

Anonymous Forms

Use the Student ID Digits: Anonymous field: This option can be used when you don't want assignments results connected to individual students. Forms must be printed for the number of anonymous responses being collected (do not print one form and photocopy as this will trigger a prompt for every scan). For more tips, read the Anonymous Forms article.

Possible use cases for Anonymous Forms - Teachers may create surveys, polls or feedback questions using a multiple-question assignment and varied question types. Custom or personal standards with performance bands are also used to aggregate and review the data in different ways.

Credit/Score Forms

Create a Credit or Score assignment to use this form printing option for quickly checking in student work or assigning a fixed number of points to a project, assignment, or task. For more tips, read the Credit/Score Forms article.

Possible use cases for Credit / Score Forms - Teachers use this form type for participation, attendance, behavior tracking, journal check in, and project scoring.