Fill in the Blank Questions


Fill in the Blank items allow students to write their answer on the form in an area like the one shown below and are auto-graded.
Note: English words and phrases are supported. You can use up to 30 letters, numbers, periods and hyphens.

Create Fill in the Blank Questions

Select the "Assignments" tab.

Select the assignment name you want to change the format of the answer bubbles.

Check the box before each question you want to change the format of the answer bubbles.

Select the "Edit" button to open the item editor.

Select "Fill in the Blank" from the Type field.

Type the desired text into the "Question header" field to add instructions, explanations, titles, etc.
Note: There is a 500 character limit on Question headers.

Determine the spacing of the rows in the writing area.

Select the type of lines or grid marks you want to appear in the writing space.

Type in the Answer.

If more than one version of the answer is acceptable, select the "Add Another Answer" link to list alternative answers.
Note: Use the minus icon to remove answers if needed

To award partial credit, adjust the associated point values for each answer choice.

The "Capture area preview" displays the first answer you entered.

Align the question to standards if desired.
Note: See related article on Adding Standards to an Assignment.

Move to another question with the "Previous" and "Next" buttons or "Save" and "X" out of the window.