File Scanning

File Scanning in Gradient can be done when using any scanner that can send a file with greyscale images (BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, TIF or PDF) of the student forms. The file is then dragged or uploaded into the assignment response window.

Drag & Drop Scanned Files Method

1. Locate the assignment that you want to import the scans into. Responses will be imported on the Responses tab.

2. Arrange the windows on your computer to drag the file and drop within the assignment. A message will appear to drop the file within an area indicated by a blue dashed border.

Upload Using Icon

1. Select the Upload icon from the Scan window.

2. Either drag the file(s) into the area or choose to Select files from your computer and navigate to the file(s).

3. Files will begin scanning and grading. Once you are done adding files, select Done.

Best Practices for File Scanning

Printing Forms

  1. Print forms single-sided
  2. Recommended: Print forms using pre-filled forms with class and student names to prevent mistakes for students bubbling in their IDs.
  3. Print forms on a high-quality printer.

Student Responses on Forms

  1. Instruct students to clearly bubble their answers (writing an x is not sufficient), to write only in in the designated areas areas of the form (outside marks, doodling, and notes can cause scanning errors), and to erase completely when necessary.

Configure Scanner

  1. Every scanner has unique settings that vary. Greyscale for scanning is what is recommended.
  2. Refer to your scanners resources for setting adjustments.
  3. Try trial file scan with your forms and scanner before using with students.

Adjust Gradient Settings

  1. From your Account Profile (top right corner of Gradient), select Setting, then ‘Camera’.
  2. Change the 'File Scanning mode' to 'Comprehensive', which slows down the scanning time, but may increase accuracy.