Extra Credit Questions

How do I give extra credit?

Any question in an assignment can be set as extra credit. Extra credit questions only add points to the students’ overall score. The total point value of the assignment is not affected.

What types of assignments have the option for extra credit?

Extra Credit can be added to an Observational assignment and a Multiple Question Assignment (for any question type).

Add Extra Credit to an Assignment

From the Keys tab within an assignment:

  1. Select the checkbox before the question.
  2. Select Edit from the toolbar.
  3. Toggle the Extra Credit on, then select SAVE.

How will student scores display?

On the Responses tab the Points and Score columns may display values greater than 100%.

Question types include multiple-choice, true/false, number grid, numeric, fill in the blank, rubric/points, and open response capture. Refer to Overview of Question Types for detailed information.