Download or Print Reports

Reports can be downloaded or printed in various formats including PDF, excel, and CSV.


Reports can be downloaded into an Excel or CSV file.

The download icon appears for most Reports pages.

  • Prior to downloading, make sure to check the configure options for each report.
  • Select Excel or CSV from the drop-down menu.

  • Excel will display all color-coding and headers similar to how they appear within Gradient.
  • A CSV download will remove formatting and provide the raw data.
  • Print

    Gradient reports are dynamic and intended to be viewed and analyzed online so that the data stays fresh and analysis can be flexible. However, there is a print icon visible for most Reports that will provide a printable view of the report data displayed on the screen.

  • The only report that is formatted to be printed is the Student Exam Report. Learn more here.
  • Other reports may be printed to PDF or paper following the print dialog box for your device.