Enter Student Responses/Update Grade


Manually enter responses on an assignment for individual students. 

01. Enter Student Response and Update Grade

1.1 Select the "Assignments" tab.

1.2 Select the assignment name for which you want to enter scores.
Note: Selecting the assignment name takes you directly to the "Scans" tab

1.3 Select the "New" button.

1.4 Select the "Class" and the "Student" from the drop-down menus.

1.5 Select the "Create Scan" button.

1.6 Note student responses and correct answers (if applicable).
Image A: Student results have been scanned but need to be changed.
Image B: No student results have been scanned so all need manual entry.

1.7 Enter the student's response(s) by selecting the corresponding answer bubble.

1.8 The red X will be removed when the correct answer is selected.

1.9 The score will be immediately updated.

1.10 Select the "Next" button to advance to the next student that needs to have score data edited.

1.11 Select the "Save" button (1) and click on the X (2) to close the window.

1.12 View student results instantly.