Login Invite for Teachers

The Gradient Lead(s) can send a Invitation Email to all staff members to join the school/district account. The login invitation walks each staff member through a quick process to login to School/District subscription and set a password (or use their existing password if they’ve previously paid for their own using the same email).

Accept Login Invite

Staff can use the login invite to be connected to the school/district subscription or use their school's suggested method for Single Sign On (SSO) with Google, Clever, or ClassLink (a one time password may be requested to connect on first use).

Your Login Invitation will have the subject line "Your Gradient Invitation" and will be sent from hello@gradecam.com. The email to be associated to the School/District subscription will show in the Email Address field.

Follow the setup steps to create a new password or use an existing password (if you had a previous subscription with this email).

Read the Terms of Service. Check the box "I agree" and select Next.

You will be logged in to your School/District Gradient subscription. Students and classes will be managed by your Gradient System Admin. Check out the Teachers Getting Started Guide for steps to begin working with Gradient.

Additional Resources for Teachers

As a teacher with access to the Gradient School/District plan, you have access to a lot of tools to make assignment creation, delivery and data analysis easier. Review the Welcome to Gradient for Teachers article to learn more about what you can do and the resources available to help you.