Edit Answer Key and Regrade Assignments


Edit an existing answer key so all previous student assignment scans for the answer key are regraded. 

01. Edit an Answer Key and Regrade Assignments

1.1 Select the "Assignments" tab.

1.2 Select the "New" button to create your first class.
Note: Selecting the assignment name takes you directly to the "Scans" tab.

1.3 Select the "Keys" tab to go to the answer key.

1.4 When you make the desired change to an answer choice a pop-up will appear informing you that all existing scans will be regraded. Select the "Modify" link.

1.5 You will see the desired choice is selected (1). Deselect the wrong answer if desired (2).

1.6 In Image A you see that most students have question 1 incorrect but once the key was fixed you see the scores improved in Image B.