View/Edit Student Responses

From the Responses tab within an Assignment, a teacher can view or edit a student response.


View Student Responses

From the Responses tab there are a few options to note for viewing student responses.

  • Under the scanning window on the left are filters that determine what this page displays. Adjust the filters to change the default view that is set to Current Terms and All MY Classes.
  • There is also a Show Details toggle that expands the default display.
  • To view a specific student's scanned or online response, select the student's name.

    The student's responses will appear in the window on the right.

    Note that incorrect answers show a red X on the left and the correct answer on the right.

    Edit Student Responses

    If there is a need to edit a response (for a mis-bubbling error or erase mark that was counted as an incorrect response), a teacher can update student responses following the directions below:

    After selecting a student name from the Responses tab, a teacher can edit a student response by selecting the correct bubbled answer or de-selecting a mis-bubbled answer. Choose SAVE before moving on.

  • To grade other question types, see Rubric Questions or Score By Question
  • While reviewing student responses, some teachers discover an answer key error that they'd like to correct. If this happens, take a look at options for editing a question here. An edit made to a key will rescore all scanned or online submission as well as update reports and the portal.