Desmos Calculator

Student access to the Desmos Basic Function, Scientific, and Graphing calculators in GradeCam’s online student learning portal.

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Activate Calculator for Online Assignment

Select assignment to add online access for the student portal.

Tutorial: Assign Online Access.


TOOLS Window
Tools tab (1)
Tool Options (2)
Filters (3)

Calculator Tool options

  • Basic Calculator
  • Scientific Calculator
  • Graphing Calculator

Note: After one or more calculator has been selected, a filter displays that the 'Calculator' tool has been assigned.

Select SAVE

Student View for Calculator tool

></a></p>                                                                                <p> Select assignment from the 'Dashboard'.</p>
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Select calculator and choose preferred calculator.
Note: If calculator icon is not in the title bar, then it is not available.

Calculator Window.

  1. Move window by click and dragging in title bar.
  2. Select calculators. (1)
  3. Close floating window.(2)
  4. Resize window. (3)