Credit Assignment

Create an assignment that gives either full credit or no credit as a score.

Note: This option is not available on Teacher Free accounts. See the related article to upgrade to a Teacher Premium account.

Overview Credit Assignment

Note: Credit Assignments cannot be assigned to the Online Student Portal.

Example of Credit Assignment

Provide students with a set number of points for completing an assignment (i.e. if you write in your journal each day you will receive 2 points). The teacher walks around the room with their phone, iPad or tablet scanning the forms of the students who completed the assignment. In the example pictured here, the teacher used clear tape to attach the credit form to a student's assignment book so a score can be scanned for each assignment and then erased using dry erase markers for repeated use. The teacher is now able to scan the form, have immediate trackable date, and transfer scores to any electronic grade book.

Other Ideas:
• completion points for homework
• extra credit
• after school clubs
• attendance
• brought in their permission slips on time

What is a Credit form?

Credit forms are used when you would like to provide a predetermined amount of points for student work. It could include providing points for extra credit, completing a homework assignment, attendance, or even participation points. Credit forms only require a Student ID and can be used from one class to another pending the Student ID is the same in each class. This option allows for immediate scoring and grade transfer.

Create a Credit Assignment

Select the "Assignments" tab.

Select the "New" button and choose "Credit Assignment" from the drop-down menu.
Note: If the option is not available in the drop-down menu it is because you have a free single-teacher account.

Type a "Name" for the assignment, enter the "Max Score" and choose a "Date."

Select the "Save" button.
Note: Selecting "Save" will automatically take you to the "Scans" tab.

Select the "Forms" button.
Note: The instructions will print forms for a specific class and students names and ID's prefilled. For more information go to the FORMS section.

Select the "Class" for which you want to print forms.

Select the "Generate" link.

Download the form as a PDF file to print.
Note: For best results print on white paper

Any form scanned will receive the maximum number of points for the assignment.

If you want to change the score for an assignment use the slider in the scan window to adjust the score before scanning the form.

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