Create Online Access

Multiple-question assignments can be assigned to the Student Portal for students to complete online or to review completed scanned assignments. Download the Student Portal Getting Started Guide for reference to use while setting up online access.

Note: Scored, Credit, and Observational assignments do not have the option to assign to the Student Portal.

Prepare Assignment for Student Portal

Multiple-question assignments can be published to the student portal.

1. Select an existing assignment or create a new assignment.

2. Add attachments to the assignment for online delivery.

Assign to Student Portal

After creating or opening an assignment, select Student Portal from the toolbar.

In the online settings window, enter the class(es) or specific students.

Note: Assigning to specific students is only available for School/District Gradient accounts.

If the assign has multiple versions see the article on Managing Versions.

Set Assignment Date and Time

Adjust the date and time that the assignment will be available for students to complete and turn in. Separate dates and times may be adjusted for the review window, where students can no longer turn in the assignment by can review the completed assignment, such as reviewing prior to an end-of-unit assessment.

1. In the Turn In section adjust the date and time for the students to complete the assignment.

2. Select to Show Settings for customizable options during the assigned timeframe.

3. Adjust the Review section date and time to allow for students to review the assignment.

4. Select to Show Settings for customizable options during the review timeframe, such as proving students the ability to see the correct responses.

5. After adjusting dates, times, and custom online access settings, select Save.

Note: Use the Toggle to disable either the Turn In or Review section. For example, if an assignment was given on paper and then assigned to the Student Portal for review, toggle off the Turn In section.

Show Settings Options

Turn In Settings

Used during the assignment availability window, while students are completing an assignment.

  • Restrictions used while completing the assignment. See the Restrictions section to learn more.
  • Review options for response visibility after the assignment has been turned in. For example the student's submitted responses can be visible, but not show which responses were marked incorrect.
  • Attachment options while completing the assignment and after it is turned in. By default, the attachment is visible while working on the assignment, but is not visible after the assignment has been turned in.
  • Tools available for use while complete the assignment. See the Tools section to learn more about available options.

  • Review Settings

    Used after the end of the Turn In window, when students are no longer able to submit the assignment. These options can be different that the options selected for the Turn In timeframe.

  • Review options for response visibility during the review timeframe. For example while reviewing, responses may be visible, as well as showing the correct answers for questions to support review strategies.
  • Attachment options during the review timeframe, such as allowing the ability to download the attachments after all students have completed the assignment.
  • Add/Edit/Remove Online Access

    Any classes or students that have been given online access, will be visible in the Online Access List with the current status. From this window, additional classes or students can be given access, settings may be edited, or access can be removed.

    Select Add Online Access for additional class(es) or student(s). Follow the steps to Assign to Student Portal.

    Check the box for an existing class or student for additional online access actions.

    1. Edit online access settings for the selected class/student.
    2. Preview the selected assignment as a student.
    3. Clone the online access settings of the selected class/student to another class/student.
    4. Remove online access for the select class/student. This does not delete the assignment.
    5. Copy the assignment link to other services, such as email or an LMS.
    6. Share to Google to post the assignment to a connected Google Classroom.

    See the articles for using Gradient with Canvas and Schoology.