Create Online Access

Student Portal can be assigned for Multiple-Question Assignments.
Scored, Credit, and Observational assignments will not have the option to assign to the student portal.

Prepare Assignment for Student Portal

Multi-Question assignments can be published to the student portal.

Select an assignment or create a new assignment.
Create A New Multi-Question Assignment

Add Attachments for Student Portal
Add Attachments

Assign to Student Portal

Select the 'Student Portal' option in the toolbar.
Note: If the Student Portal option is not displayed on the toolbar, either select the assignment link or click the checkbox before the assignment

Overview of 'Add Online Access' window
1 - Assignment name
2- Selected classes or student to be assigned to Student Portal
Note: Multiple classes can be added or multiple students.
3 - Select Version or variation to assign, if created in KEYS
4 - Assignment open date and end date with time range
5 - Selected 'Turn In' Assignment or 'Review Assignment' settings
6 - Show/Hide Settings toggle. Settings include Restrictions for Copy/Paste & Timers. 7 - Preview Assignment (eye) and Toggle to Disable/Enable the 'Turn In Assignment' and 'Review Assignment' option

Add Classes or Students
Begin typing the name of the class/student. Select as the name from the list. Repeat this process to select multiple classes/students.

Select Version option for Class or Students.
Note: This option will be available if versions or variations were added in the KEY. Managing Versions

'Turn In Assignment' assignment availability window
Select the date and time start and end date and time for student access in the Student Portal.


Prevent students from copying and pasting from a document or website.
Timers set a specific time for students to complete and assessment.

REVIEW tab - Select settings for what information students will view.

ATTACHMENTS tab - Options for attachments

TOOLS tab - Adding interactive assessment tools,

'Review Assignment' window configure student review options after the assignment has been turned in.




Preview assignment select the 'eye' icon. The assignment will display in a separate window and can be answered with no data saved.


Assign to Individual Students

Student Portal window

After online access has been added to an assignment added to the student portal, the status of available (green dot) or review (blue dot) will be viewed. WARNING: Changing settings or access when an assignment is active is strongly discouraged. Students may receive errors.

Add online access
Opens the Student Portal Assignment window. Select additional classes/students to publish to student portal.(1)
List of current classes - Classes assignment has been published in Student Portal. (2)
Actions - Options for published assignments in Student Portal. Select the checkbox before the class/student to add an action. (3)

Click the checkbox before a class or student to select to Edit, Clone, Remove, Preview, Create a link or Share to Google Classroom.

Edit - Navigates to the Student Portal Assignment Window change settings for the selected class. (1)
Preview Preview the assignment in Student Portal (2)
Clone - Copy the Student Portal settings for selected assignment to automatically add to additional classes/students.(3)
Remove - Removes from the Student Portal. (4)
Copy Link - allows teachers to capture the link for the Student Portal assignment here to post in Classroom, Blackboard, Schoology, Canvas, Microsoft 365, email, etc. (5)
Share to Google Classroom - Share directly to Google Classroom (6)