Create New Multi-Question Assignment


Note: Free single-teacher accounts are limited to 10 questions per assignment
See the related article on this topic.

01. Create a Multiple-Question Assignment in GradeCam.

1.1 Select the "Assignments" tab.

1.2 Select the "New" button and choose "Multiple-Question Assignment" from the drop-down menu.

1.3 Type a "Name" for the assignment, enter the number of questions in the "Length" section and choose a "Date."
Note: There is a limit of 10 questions per assignment for free single-teacher accounts. See the related article on how to upgrade to a paid single-teacher account if more questions are needed for an assignment.

1.4 Select the "Save" button.
Note: Selecting "Save" will automatically take you to the "Keys" tab.

1.5 Select the correct answer for each question by clicking in the letter bubble.
Note: Choose more than one answer if multiple choices are correct. Click on the bubble again to deselect an answer if a mistake is made.