Create Multiple-Question Assignment

Multiple-question assignments are most often used for creating common formatives, summative assessments, exit tickets, and traditional assignments. This assignment type can be delivered to students on paper using the scan forms or online through the Student Portal.

Overview of Multi-Question Assignment

Available Question Types for Use
Multiple question assignments utilize different question types to create a custom key to match class materials. Each question type has different options and customizations, such as alternate answers, partial or extra credit, question labels. For more information on each question type see the corresponding article.

Auto Graded Items will be automatically graded and scored based on the provide answer.

  1. Multiple Choice
  2. True/False
  3. Number Grid
  4. Numeric
  5. Fill In the Blank

Teacher Graded Items will be manually graded by teacher. These questions can be used to score performance-based tasks, extended response answers, or adding scores from other sources.

  1. Rubric/Points
  2. Open Response Capture

Create New Multi-Question Assignment

When creating a new assignment you will set the number of questions needed and then customize the KEY to match existing content. While creating the KEY change each question type, set the point value, add standards, and provide an answer.

1. From the Gradient homepage, select Create Assignment

2. Select Multiple-Question Assignment

3. Complete the fields for the assignment, then select Save.

After selecting Save the assignment Key will open.

Customize Assignment Key

1. Select the checkbox before the question. Then select Edit from the toolbar.

2. In the question editor window, select the Response Type to use.

3. Select or enter the correct answer and/or scoring adjustments.

Learn more about the available question types.

4. Select Save and click the Next to navigate to the next question.

Advanced Assignment Options

Check out these advanced options for further customizing multiple-question assignments and doing more to collect responses.

Renumber Questions

Add Standards to Questions

Partial Credit for Questions

Create Versions and Variations

Deliver Multi-Question Assignment

Multiple questions assignments have both the option to deliver on paper using scan forms or to deliver online using the Student Portal, providing the ability to flex for different teaching and learning styles.

Paper Assignment Delivery

Online Assignment Delivery