Start a Teacher Premium (Free Trial) Subscription

Teacher Premium (or Free Trial) Subscription

To start a Teacher Premium (or Free Trial) subscription, go to our GradeCam website and select Free Trial for Teachers.

If a Gradient for Schools/Districts subscription was recently purchased, you don't need to follow these steps. Once your rosters are synced or imported by your school/district you will receive a Login Invitation from

When you signup for a free trial To start the 60 day free trial, sign up using email, Google, Clever, or ClassLink. Follow the sign up instructions.

If you've signed up for a free trial before, you can login via and follow the steps to Renew/Upgrade Your Teacher Premium subscription.

The trial signup process will ask you for your contact information, email, school, and district. Once you walk through the signup process you will be directed to the Gradient homepage and a validation email will be sent to the email used to sign up.

Get started with Gradient by:

  • Following the in-app tutorials accessed in the bottom left corner via the ? icon.
  • Reading about how to get started, by using the Help Center articleTeacher Premium - Step By Step
  • Reviewing or printing the PDF Quick Start Guide
  • Gradient Login

    Log in to Gradient by visiting Read more about your login options here.