Create a Student


Students can be manually added to the account by using the Student tab. When adding students through these steps, the student(s) must be associated to a class.

01. Create a Student

1.1 Select the "Students" tab.

1.2 Select the "New" button to create your first student.

1.3 Select a previously created class to add the student.
Note: If you have not created a class, See the  Create a Class Create a Class.

1.4 Fill in the required fields and select the "Save" button.

Note: It is highly recommended to use unique Student IDs (their District ID is a good choice). Once a Student ID number is used it can not be used again for another student. Generic IDs can be used for GradeCam IDs and can be reused each year.

1.5 Repeat steps 1.2 - 1.4 to add more students.