GradeCam Application

GradeCam has an integration with Clever. If your district is using Clever, please notify your district IT that you would like to share roster data to GradeCam via Clever. The GradeCam application can be set up either by the district requesting the application or by GradeCam inviting the district to begin the set up process.

Reference the Clever-GradeCam-Setup-Guide.

Request GradeCam Application

The district personnel in charge of the Clever account will log into the Clever dashboard to being the GradeCam application request.

Note: If the district does not currently have a Clever account, Sign Up here.

Log in to the Clever account.

From the Clever Dashboard select: Applications > Add Applications from the left navigation.

Search for GradeCam.

Fill in the information and send request to GradeCam for approval.

    • Select whether or not your district has already purchased the application.
    • If selecting "Haven't Purchased" the GradeCam application, you'll receive a prompt asking if you would like to try a free trial.
    • The Launch Date request will allow for a date to be set the first day users can access the app through Clever.
    • Once you have made your selections, select Request!.

If Approval has not been received within 24 hours, contact GradeCam Support at

GradeCam Invitation

GradeCam will send an invite to the Admin on the GradeCam Account or the appropriate district personnel.

Select "Accept You Invitation".

If the district does not have a Clever account, a Clever account will automatically be set up and you will be asked to create a Clever account password.

Once Invite is accepted, Clever's district onboarding team will reach out via email to help get your school/district started on the first sync/sharing of data with GradeCam.

GradeCam will sync data from Clever to the school/district GradeCam account.

Once districts have shared data to Clever, the GradeCam team will set up the initial sync, and GradeCam will reach out to let you know when that’s finished!