Clever FAQs

Why am I getting a “data warning” or a “data requirement” error?

    A data requirement error occurs when the record is incompatible with GradeCam’s integration with Clever, and the user or section will not appear in the application. Data Requirements must be resolved for users or sections to be successfully processed by the application.

    A data warning error occurs when the user or section has a compatibility issue with the application that may result in a degraded app experience. We recommend addressing these issues or contacting the application directly to determine the impact of a particular Data Warning.

    For an in-depth look into any existing GradeCam data warnings or errors, please refer to the Data Quality page of the Clever dashboard.

    Why is a teacher missing from GradeCam?

      Make sure that the teacher has sections in Clever – GradeCam will not import teachers without section assignments. You can check this by searching for the teacher in the Data Browser.
      GradeCam only supports primary teachers. If a section has co-teachers, they will not be synced to GradeCam.

    Reference the Clever-GradeCam-Setup-Guide.