Classlink Sync

GradeCam has an integration with Classlink for rostering and Single-Sign-On (SSO). Your district can use one or both with Gradient.

  • Typically Classlink receives roster information from your Student Information System (SIS) and then Classlink can be setup to send that roster information nightly to Gradient.
  • ClassLink syncs with Gradient run on a nightly basis at approximately 11:45 PM CT.
  • Gradient’s roster requirements are typically much simpler than most edtech applications that schools work with which makes your Classlink setup pretty easy!
  • To learn more, read on:

    Classlink Setup Steps

    1. Create your ClassLink Roster Server Tenant account and enable the GradeCam Gradient app and permissions. If you're new to Classlink, refer to our Adding GradeCam Gradient App to Classlink to get rosters for staff, students and classes to sync nightly with Gradient for your school(s).
    2. Connect with ClassLink Support if you need assistance with syncing your SIS rostering data to Classlink or have questions about required fields.
    3. Once the steps above are complete, email to request a review of the data before the first nightly sync is enabled.

    Gradient Setup Steps

    1. The Classlink Lead should be part of your Gradient Leadership team with System Admin or Roster Lead access to Gradient as designated by the contacts survey

    2. Once the Gradient Support Team confirms that the data looks ready to import from the steps followed above, a Gradient Leader will need to login to Admin Mode to verify that the Academic Year has been started for the current school year. Note: The action of starting the new academic year will also unpause roster syncing and allow your Classlink sync to start flowing into Gradient.

    3. Prior to launching Gradient with staff, a Gradient Leader should use Admin Mode, to verify that Term dates and roster information all match what is being sent from Classlink. Selecting a staff member, a class, or a student from Admin Mode will allow for spot checking of class schedules for the current term.

    Classlink SSO

    Single Sign-On (SSO) through ClassLink is available to enable at any time whether your district chooses to roster with Classlink or not. To setup Classlink SSO for staff or students, follow Classlink's directions here.

    Launching Gradient with Staff

  • Gradient Leaders can review the Gradient Leader Welcome Resources and Support at Every Stage presentation to determine how much support is needed from Gradient for the launch

  • When ready, a Gradient Leader can use the Send Login Invite feature within Gradient to give staff access or re-purpose the BTS email template to give guidance about the login method that is preferred

  • For training, Gradient leaders can use the Teacher Welcome Resources or purchase training using the PD Packages