Setting up the LTI Integration in Canvas for GradeCam
• See Canvas Admin Support – How do I configure an external app for an account using XML?
• Reach out to GradeCam Gradient Support at to set up the Canvas/GradeCam Gradient integration.

Overview of LTI Integration for GradeCam Administrators
To setup the integration, you will need to have system admin to access to Canvas as well as three pieces of information from GradeCam Gradient

  1. Consumer Key
  2. Shared Secret
  3. XML code snippet

There are three placement options in Canvas for GradeCam Gradient

  1. Assignment Selection – default is “on”. This is what allows users to select GradeCam when creating an assignment.
  2. Course Navigation – default is “off”. This allows the single sign-on link for GradeCam to show in the left navigation area in Canvas.
  3. User Navigation – default is “off”. This shows another single sign-on link in the “Account” side navigation option.

01. Overview - Teacher GradeCam LTI Integration - Canvas

Tutorial Canvas Integration for Teachers