Connect Gradient assignments to Canvas so that students can login to Canvas to take them and/or review their results. This article will describe the steps to take to link a NEW or EXISTING assignment within Gradient to Canvas. Mapping an assignment permits all Gradient functionality while in Canvas, including a sync to the Canvas gradebook.

Create a Canvas Assignment

Login into Canvas and select the course needed. Select the + Assignment button.

Create New Assignment Required Fields

  1. Assignment Name
  2. Points
  3. Submission Type

Assignment Name

Note: If mapping to an existing assignment in Gradient, it is helpful to use the same name, but not required to match.


Points in Canvas should match the point value of the assignment in Gradient. If the point value in Canvas is different from the point value in Gradient, the score in Canvas will adjust with appropriate scale factor to match your setting.

Example: If the test in Gradient is worth 5 points but in Canvas, it is set to 10 points, a student will receive the following score in Canvas: Scale factor is 2 then...
  • 5 pts in Gradient = 10 pts in Canvas
  • 4 pts in Gradient = 8 pts in Canvas
  • 3 pts in Gradient = 6 pts in Canvas
  • 2 pts in Gradient = 4 pts in Canvas
  • 1 pt in Gradient = 2 pts in Canvas

Submission Type

  1. Select External Tool
  2. Select Find to search for and choose GradeCam/Gradient, then Select button

Canvas External Tool

Note: The name Configure External Tool may vary. The name is configured by the school's Canvas administrator. If you cannot find the Gradient option, please contact your district’s Canvas administrator.

Select Save & Publish or Save

  • Save & Publish - Creates online access for the assignment in Gradient
  • Save - Save the created assignment in Canvas without mapping to Gradient.

Mapping to Gradient

After creating the assignment within Canvas, map the Canvas assignment to a Gradient assignment.

When mapping an assignment from Canvas to Gradient there will be two options. New and Existing.
NEW - creates a new assignment in the users Gradient account.
EXISTING - choose an assignment that has already been created in the users Gradient account.
Note: If a user does not have existing assignments in Gradient, New is the default option.

Map Assignment

Map to a NEW Assignment

From the New section, select Create.

Map Your Assignment window

  1. Add Assignment Name
  2. Select number of questions for assignment (Default is 10).
  3. Select options to make assignment private and send scores to from Gradient to Canvas.
  4. Once you have entered the assignment details, select Create Assignment.

    Adjust the online access for the assignment. See Create Online Access in Student Portal

    The Gradient window is open within Canvas to add answer keys, attachments, change question types along with full view of all Gradient functions. Or select to Launch GradeCam/Gradient from the menu options along the left to open full screen within a new tab.

Map to an EXISTING Assignment

From the Existing section, choose Select.

Map Your Assignment window

  1. Search for the assignment to be mapped
  2. Select an existing Gradient assignment

Select the option to send scores to from Gradient to the Canvas gradebook.

Adjust the online access for the assignment. See Create Online Access in Student Portal

Student View

Note: Canvas assignments that are mapped to Gradient, will not allow students to navigate to other Gradient assignments.

Student selects assignment in Canvas that has been mapped to Gradient. The assignment will be in the active window within Canvas for the assignment to be completed.

Important Information

Deleting an assignment in Canvas does not delete OR remove access to the assignment in Gradient. In order to remove it from the student portal, the teacher will have to go into Gradient and also remove access from the Gradient student portal there.

Teacher Created Classes
The Canvas integration WILL NOT WORK with manually teacher-created classes.