Stop Payments

Teacher Premium subscriptions paid for by a teacher within Gradient, can be cancelled at any time by using the Stop Payment option or letting the subscription expire. This process downgrades the subscription to the Teacher Free plan with limited access. No data will be lost.

Stop Payments Option

To pause or cancel a Teacher Premium subscription that you paid for in-app, follow the steps below.

From the Account Menu, select Settings, choose Plan, and click Stop Payments.

  • If you don't see the option to Stop Payments, you may have purchased the subscription via Apple
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    Select the Stop Payments button to confirm that you subscription will be downgraded to the Teacher Free plan until you elect to Upgrade or renew.

    Delete My Account

    After payments have been stopped, the Plan page will display an option to Delete My Account.

  • You can use this option if you want to permanently delete all your data, assignments, and subscription information.
  • Your Teacher Free access will be removed.