Stop Payments

At any time you can stop payments. This will cancel your GradeCam account.This process downgrades your account to the free version during the unpaid months. No data will be lost. This can only be done by logging into your account through the browser. You can select this at any time you are not needing GradeCam. If you choose to start using the full version the at any time select “Upgrade”.
You GradeCam account will be converted to GradeCam Mobile Lite. You will have access through the GradeCam app on a mobile device with limited features. You can upgrade at any time using within the mobile app.

01. Stop Payments

This will cancel the GradeCam Individual Teacher account.

1.1 Access Settings Select "Settings" from your Account Menu.

1.2 Select Plan

1.3 Select Stop Payments

1.4 Select 'Cancel Payment'
Note:Your date when the account will expire will be placed on the 'GradeCam Mobile Lite' will be stated.

02. Delete Account

After payments have been stopped you can select to permanently delete your GradeCam account. WARNING: All data will be removed and cannot be restored.

Delete GradeCam Account see section 6