Basic Number Grid Questions


A Number grid response has gridded columns that students enter a numeric answer and fill in the corresponding bubbles for the column.

Number grid responses are auto-graded, meaning once the response has been submitted by a student it will be automatically graded for the assignment.

Create Basic Number Grid Questions in GradeCam Gradient

Select the "Assignments" tab.

Select the assignment name you want to change the format of the answer bubbles.

Check the box before each question you want to change the format of the answer bubbles.

Select the "Edit" button to open the item editor.

Select "Number Grid" from the Type field.

Select "Basic" from the Column Configuration field.

Type the numbers and symbols you want to appear in the numeric grid bubbles in the Characters field.
Note: The Tip shows the types of symbols that can be used in the grid.

Select the number of columns you want to appear in the grid.
For example, if the answer ranges from 0-999 you would need 3 columns. If the answer is above 1000 you would need 4 columns.

Student Portal option
Set how the response will be entered by students 1) selecting bubbles or 2) typing the answer into a text area.
Note: If using printed forms the number grid question displays only as the grid.

Type in the Answer.

If a range of answers is acceptable, type the % Tolerance and review the range of acceptable answers.
Note: If no tolerance is needed there must be a 0 in the field.

Weight the value of the item by editing the Points.

Align the question to standards if desired.
Note: See related article on Adding Standards to an Assignment in GradeCam Go!

Move to another question with the "Previous" and "Next" buttons or "Save" and "X" out of the window.