Advanced Number Grid Questions

Using Advanced Number grids, allows the assignment author to create column configurations for custom griddable layouts to match what a student might see on the state or other standardized tests. For example, if the standardized test includes 3 columns of numbers, followed by a decimal and 2 more columns of numbers, you can configure the advanced number grid to match that format.

Create Advanced Number Grid Question

Start with a Multiple-Question Assignment and then edit questions to use the Number Grid question type for your answer key.

1. Follow the instructions for creating a number grid question.

2. For the column configuration, select Advanced.

3. Customize the characters per column. Use Add Column to add more columns.

4. Check the Column Preview image to ensure everything is formatted correctly.

5. Select Back to return to the question editor.

6. Complete additional question edits, the Save and Close.

Use Next and Previous to navigate to other questions to edit as needed.

Texas STAAR Advanced Number Grids

For access to pre-made STAAR custom number grids, state standards must be set to TX.

1. After adjusting the question to Advanced Number Grid, in the custom grid window, select Custom Configuration.

2. Located and select the desired STAAR grid set up.

3. Complete additional adjustments, then navigate Back and Save and Close.