User Interface


Allow users to join the GradeCam beta group. This is a global setting for all users in the school/district account. All staff, if they opt into the beta group, will have early access to test and provide feedback to new features and updates.

01. Set User Interface

The GradeCam Beta group offers staff early access to the newest features and improvements so. This global option still permits each individual staff member to decide if they will "opt-in" to the beta group.

1.1 Select the "User Interface" option from Account Settings.

1.2 Select if you want all staff to have access to beta features.

1.3 The staff will see the option to "Join Beta" in their account settings in Teacher Mode.

1.4 After reading the information on joining beta, the user can decide if they would like to join the beta community.

1.5 At anytime, staff can decide to "Leave Beta" and opt out of being a beta tester.