Overview of Terms

Terms determine what information displays as “current” for teacher access to classes, students, and assignment grading within Gradient.

  • If you are syncing rosters with Clever or Classlink, create or edit terms at the source, not within Gradient
    • To access data from a previous term, adjust filters.

    Term FAQs

    Common support questions that you can address by editing your terms are:

    1. Some classes have a yearlong term and others have quarter or semester terms, teachers are reporting that classes disappeared or are not showing

    2. Classes are still showing as current even though the term changed

    3. Teachers report that data or scores disappeared for an assignment at the term change

    Reach out to support@gradecam.com if you have any questions about managing terms.

    Additional Support Articles for Terms

    Support articles that may be helpful for managing terms are:

  • Create a Term

  • Edit a Term

  • Term Padding

  • Undelete a Term