Overview of Teachers

The Teacher tab opens to view the list of teachers and staff members that have been either manually added, imported with a data file or syncing with Clever. The admin is able to edit the teacher name, teacher ID, add/edit/remove a teacher email and download or print the teacher list. Selecting a teacher will show classes that teacher is associated with in the school/district account.

Note: This option is not available on free or paid single-teacher accounts. Please contact sales@gradecam.com to upgrade to a school or district license.

01. List of Teachers and staff members in the school/district account.

1.1 When selecting the "Teachers" tab, the list of teachers and staff members are shown that are part of the school/district subscription.

1.2 Information for teachers and staff members can be downloaded or printed by choosing either option in the toolbar.

1.3 Use the "Search" field to find a specific teacher or staff member

02. Column Headers

Column headers label the data in each column.

The teachers and staff members are listed alphabetically as submitted to GradeCam. Clicking on the column header will sort the list Z-A.
Teacher ID:
Teacher IDs are optional. If combined imports or nightly syncs (either with Student Information System sync or Clever ) are set up for the school/district account, teacher IDs can be populated with the nightly sync. Teacher IDs can be edited. If Teacher IDs are syncing, manually editing the teacher ID could cause classes for that teacher to incorrectly sync.
The email associated to the teacher account will be listed.
The status "Accepted" or "Invited" will show based on whether the invitation email has been accepted or not. If the column is empty, the invitation email has not been sent or has expired and would need to be sent to the teacher or staff member again.
Last Login:
The date shown will be when the teacher or staff member has last logged into the GradeCam account.

03. Views and Filters

3.1 Select to view the "Teacher" tab in the Overview or Usage view. Teacher usage will show data based on scans, logins and last log in.

3.2 Select the Role filter to view the teachers and staff members that have been given permission for any of the Teacher roles.