Staff Usage

How can a system leader determine staff usage of Gradient?

Staff usage can be filtered for a selected date range and then sorted by the staff’s most recent login, the number of logins, and the number of student submissions.

View Staff Usage

Navigate to the Admin Mode, click the Staff tab (1) then choose Teacher Usage on the left sidebar (2).

Filter for a date range for viewing the Teacher Usage.

  1. On the left sidebar FILTERS, select the field Count responses from… and change the date range.

Viewing the staff usage data.

  1. # Turned In - includes the number of form scans and student portal submissions for district-managed rosters.
  2. Logins - the number of times the staff member has logged in to Gradient for the selected date range.
  3. Last Login - date the staff member most recently logged into the Gradient account.

Sort # Turned In, Logins, and Last Login columns by clicking the column header.

Download this table as a report by using the Download button on the toolbar.