Teacher Permissions

These options allow the admin to regulate what teachers can do with the imported classes and students that are “owned” by the school or district. By default these options are turned off not allowing teachers to edit or delete district-owned classes and students. Teachers will still be able to create their own classes and manually add students outside of “owned” rosters, if they want, but those classes will not be visible to the admin in admin mode nor will they “sync” if it is a sync school account.

It is not recommended to turn these permissions on for school/districts that have set up a nightly sync.

01. Set Teacher Permissions

1.1 Select the "Teacher Permissions" option from Account Settings.

1.2 Turn permissions on for editing classes. This allows the teacher to edit the class name, class period and delete the imported class.

1.3 Turn permissions on for editing students. This allows the teacher to edit the student name, the GradeCam ID, add or remove students to the imported classes.

1.4 To exit the teacher permissions edit window, click on the "X" in the upper right corner or choose another option in the Settings list.