Teacher Permissions

The options listed below will be sunsetting beginning July 2022 and merged into Access Group permissions (learn more from our Product Round-Up or Smart Sessions here). By default these options are currently turned off, to prevent teachers from editing or deleting district-created classes and students.

Beginning August 2022, all students and classes under a School/District subscription will need to be created by the Gradient System Admin (or via the sync with Clever or ClassLink). For guidance about these changes see School Managed Rostering.

Set Teacher Permissions

Within Admin Mode, select the Account Menu in the top right corner of the screen and choose Settings. Select Teacher Permissions.

To allow staff to manage the movement of students between classes (that already exist), enable the permission shown. This will allow all teachers to manage the transfer of rostered students between rostered classes. *Beginning August 2022, this permission will be moved into Access Groups.