Students Import

The Student Import will allow the admin(s) to add students’ first name, last name, Student ID and GradeCam ID in the Student Tab without having to create a full data file. This is a quick way to add a group of students to the account. The Student Import will not associate any of the students to classes assigned to the staff. Any related demographic information for the students will need to be added as demographic fields to the data file for the Combined Import. The admin will need to set Custom Fields before starting the Combined Import process.

The Data File that was extracted from the Student Information System (SIS) can be used for the Student Import.

  • Student First Name – List student’s first name
  • Student Last Name – List student’s last name
  • Student ID – Unique ID for each student (Note: This ID should match the one used in the school’s SIS and can not be recycled from previous students)  
  • GradeCam ID – (optional) Can be mapped to Student ID, used for printing forms for scanning.

If adding demographic fields to the Combined Import, such as Gender, Disability, etc, the Gradient Admin must first add the Custom Fields before starting the Combined Import process.

Import Student File

Note: The same data file extracted from the SIS for the Combined Import can be used for the Student Import, a file can be extracted with just the student information from the SIS for the import or manually create a spreadsheet with the required fields.

In Admin Mode, select "Students" tab on the home page.

Select the "New" button (1) and choose "Import Students" from the drop-down menu (2).

Select or drag the Data File (formatted .csv, .tsv, .xls or .xlsx).

Select the row from the data file that contains the field header information (1) (if there is no header row then choose "No Header" from the drop down menu) and then select the "Next" button (2).

Select the correct "Student" information for each field from the drop-down menus (1) and then select the "Next" button (2).

Preview the changes listed and then select the "Run Import" button.

You will be asked to verify that you want to run the import before moving on to the next step.

Once the import has been completed successfully select the "Done" button.