Send Login Invite

Invitations are sent manually to staff to join the school/district Gradient account. After a system admin has completed the school/district account setup Overview of Rostering for Account Setup, invitations can be sent to all staff.

Important Information
• Invite emails will be sent from Sometimes these emails land in a junk/spam folder.
• Only one invite can be sent within a 24-hour period.
• All invites are unique to each individual staff member and cannot be used by any other staff.

Send Staff Invitation Emails

  1. Enter Admin Mode, select the Staff tab.
  2. Select staff by clicking the checkbox before the name or click the Select All checkbox located above the Name column.
  3. Select the Send Invite icon from the toolbar.
  4. Confirm the number of invites that will be sent, click Send. A green confirmation prompt will be displayed.

• Staff that have already accepted the invite (viewed in the Status column) will not have an invitation email sent.
• The invite email expires after 7 days.
• An automated email reminder to accept the invite, will be sent on day 2 and 7.

Accept Email Invites

Staff will receive an email from If the email does not come through to the email inbox, please check the spam/junk folder. See sample School / District Staff Invitation. Once the staff member has accepted the invitation, they will be able to log into the school/district account using their email and password or any of the SSO options available.

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