Overview of Schools

Schools are entered and maintained by GradeCam at the time the account is set up. The admin is able to add/edit the School ID and view usage by the number of scans in a specific time period.

If the school name needs changed or more schools added to the account, contact support@gradecam.com

Note: This option is not available on free or paid single-teacher accounts. Please contact sales@gradecam.com to upgrade to a school or district license.

List of School(s) in the school/district account.

When selecting the "Schools" tab, the list of schools are shown that are part of the school/district subscription.

Schools and information can be downloaded or printed by choosing either option in the toolbar.

Column Headers

Column headers label the data in each column.

The schools are listed alphabetically as submitted to GradeCam. Clicking on the column header will sort the list Z-A.
Unique ID:
School unique IDs are optional. If combined imports or nightly syncs (either with Student Information System sync or Clever ) are done for multiple school accounts, school IDs are required. School IDs need to be added or can be edited before mapping an import file.
Start Date:
The start date is the date the GradeCam subscription was set up.
End Date:
The end date is the date the GradeCam subscription will/has expired.