School Reporting Permissions

Manage role settings for staff or school administrators.

School Reporting Mode: Allows to make strategic decisions based on meaningful data and analyze just-in-time data in order to identify and rework problematic questions and optimize tests.The “Drill In” feature gives the ability to filter out extraneous data to focus on comparing desired data points. (Note: The Report Admin does not need to have a Role Admin, Roster Admin or HelpDesk role to serve in this role.)

01. School Reporting Permissions

1.1 Within Admin Mode, select "Teachers" tab from the Admin home page.

1.2 Select a teacher by checking the box before his or her name.

1.3 Select the "More" button (1) and then select "Manage Roles" (2) from the drop-down menu.

1.4 Check the box for Reporting by the specific school. All data for that school will be viewable under School Reporting mode.

1.5 Select "Save" to close the window. View the School Reporting tutorial.