School/District Account Menu

Within Admin Mode, the admin can open the School/District Account menu to establish district settings, reach out to support, locate points of interest in a user forum, import combined information for rostering, and exiting to return to teacher mode.

The admin can access the School/District Account Menu by clicking on the drop down arrow to the right of the account name in the upper right corner of the Home Page.

Note: This option is not available on free or paid single-teacher accounts. Please contact to upgrade to a school or district license.

01. Settings

See tutorials on Account Settings.

1.1 Select "Settings" from the account menu.

1.2 The admin can choose which settings they want to globally set for the staff associated to the account.

02. Support

2.1 Select "Support" from the account menu.

2.2 The Customer Support Site is essential for users to easily access resources associated with GradeCam. A new tab or window may open when selecting a topic depending on your computer settings.

03. Forum

3.1 Select "Forum" from the account menu.

3.2 Our virtual community is where you can share information, ask questions, and engage in ways everyone is using GradeCam.

3.3 The user is able to search for topics, click on Topics and Posts, create a new post, follow posts and view recent activity, votes and comments.

04. Combined Import

See tutorials on Combined Import.

4.1 Select "Combined Import" from the account menu.

4.2 A window will open to begin the combined import process using a data file to set up the account.

05. Return to Teacher Mode

5.1 Select "Return to Teacher Mode" from the account menu to exit Admin Mode.