Add Staff-merged


  1. Manually Add Staff
  2. Import Staff

Manually adding a staff member will provide the user with the ability to create and share assessments or to access school reporting data or admins access, based on the provided permissions. Staff that is associated with a class that is added using a data sync method or a data import file will already be created.

Add Staff Manually

If staff members are not populated during the Combined Import process with the data file, a system admin can add staff manually. Adding staff manually will not associate any students or classes to the staff member, but can be assigned as the instructor individually to classes if needed. See Edit Teacher Association

Within Admin Mode, select "Staff" tab from the Admin home page.

Select the "New" button and choose "Create New Staff" from the drop-down menu (2).

Complete the required information.

Note: The staff ID is an optional field. The staff member will automatically receive an email allowing him or her to set a password.

If the staff member is to have any account roles with permissions, a system admin will select "Manage Roles" in the edit window and add specific permissions needed.

Once all information is complete then select the "Save" button.

Once "Save" has been selected, an Invitation email. will be sent to the staff member to accept. This will connect the staff account to the school/district account. GradeCam will send out the initial invite email and reminder emails after 2 and 7 days. The system admin can manually send out another invite by completing steps 2 and 3 HERE.
Note: The staff member may want to check the spam folder if.