Login Invite for System Admin

The contacts identified in the Sales process or Renewal Survey will receive a Welcome Email from their Customer Success Coach about 48 hours after the PO/payment is received for the subscription.

The Welcome Email asks new Gradient System Admin, to schedule a System Admin Training. Once scheduled, a Gradient System Admin receives their Login Invitation from hello@gradecam.com. The login invitation walks each user through a quick process to connect their email to the School/District subscription and set a password.

Accept Login Invitation

You will need to accept the login invite sent to your email. Watch the video below or read on for guidance.

Your Login Invitation will have the subject line "Your Gradient Invitation" and will be sent from hello@gradecam.com.

The email to be associated to the School/District subscription will show in the Email Address field. Follow the setup steps to create a new password or use an existing password (if you had a previous subscription with this email).

Read the Terms of Service. Check the box "I agree" and select Next.

Access Admin Mode

When you complete the process, you will be logged into Gradient via Teacher Mode. As the Gradient System Admin, click the Account menu in the top right corner of the screen and enter Admin Mode.

Additional Resources for System Admin

As a Gradient System Admin, your Welcome Email provides you with a way to schedule a free consultation with a Customer Success Coach to learn more about setting up rostering, sending staff their login invites, training, and more.

If you prefer to learn on your own, review our Welcome to Gradient for Leaders article.