Import Details

An account admin will be able to view a history of imports if uploading manually or using a SFTP nightly sync. Files are not attached or saved under the import log list. This is only a historical view of imports.

Import Log

Imports will be listed from the last twelve months. Imports cannot be deleted from this list. This is only a list of imports that have been completed.

Within Admin Mode, select the "More" tab from the Admin home page and then select "Imports" from the list menu.

The list of imports will be viewable. Each import listed will show the import date, the "Types" of import completed and how many students, teachers and classes have been added or updated.

Import Details

Details can be viewed for each import file. This is the same view that would be seen in the Preview window before finalizing the import.

Select the import file to view details of that import.

The details will show each item for that specific import. (The file is not uploaded or viewable in any way.)

Filter Options

If several "Types" of files are imported, the filter options in the left sidebar allows for identifying those specific types of imports.

Select a filter option in the left sidebar to see each type of import separately.

A file can be selected from the filtered list.

Details can be viewed of that import.