Google Classroom Sync


Any classes syncing with Google Classroom will not be associated to the school/district account in any way. The data from classes syncing with Google Classroom will now be viewable in School Reporting Mode or use for any data collaboration between staff.

Note: Currently this feature is encouraged for teachers using a free or paid teacher account. School and district accounts should continue using their current method of syncing. If you choose to not import a data file, this feature would allow your staff to get their classes set up quickly and sync nightly.

01. Set Google Classroom Sync

1.1 Select the "Google Classroom Sync" option from Account Settings.

1.2 Before turning the permisison on, read the information on how this will affect viewing data if the staff is going to sync with Google Classroom

1.3 To exit the Google Classroom sync permissions edit window, click on the "X" in the upper right corner or choose another option in the Settings list.

1.4 The staff will be able to set up classes to sync with Google Classroom in their individual accounts. View the Teacher tutorial here.