Edit Staff

Staff being imported or roster synced into Gradient will already be connected to the classes and students as designated from the roster source. However, staff may need Gradient accounts created, need expanded permissions, or need access removed. This article reviews how to edit associated schools and access to Gradient.

Prior to completing the steps to edit staff, the staff member(s) would need to be added to Gradient.

If staff members are being added to Gradient via a roster sync, the edit function will be disabled. All changes to staff information will need to be completed at the roster source (Clever, Classlink, or the SIS).

Edit Staff & Associated Schools

  1. Enter Admin Mode, select the Staff tab.
  2. Edit the Staff member by clicking the checkbox before the name.
  3. From the toolbar, select the Edit icon.
  4. Update fields and Manage Associated Schools, select Done and Save.

Editing an existing email address of a staff member that has already accepted their invite can have unintended consequences. If the email address needs to be changed, please contact Gradient Support.

Deactivate Staff

  1. To deactivate staff, click the checkbox before the name(s) of staff you'd like to make inactive.
  2. From the toolbar, select the Deactivate icon.
  3. Read the pop-up message and choose Deactivate.


  • Why can't I find a staff member from the Staff tab ? By default, the Staff tab is filtered to show all active staff with any access group membership. Some staff members may be inactive. Use the filters to adjust the staff list as needed
  • Can a teacher also have expanded access to Gradient? Yes. Any System Admin can assign staff to access groups with expanded permissions. Learn more about granting permissions to staff by reading about Access Groups.
  • If I edit staff information manually and then do a combined import, will the edited information stay? Any imported file must include changes you've made manually to staff.
  • Does a teacher need both an ID and email? it is recommended both the email and ID fields are added for the staff member. Emails must be included for the staff member to have an Invite to join the school’s Gradient account.