Edit Teacher Association

The teacher associated to the class can be edited after the class has been imported either through a Combined Import or a Class Import. Re-associating the teacher only gives the newly assigned instructor access to the class and students in the class and not access to any data associated to the class.

Note: If a nightly sync has been set up, the teacher for the class cannot be manually edited. The changes will need to be made in the Student Information System to update the nightly sync.

Edit Teacher Association

The admin is able to change the teacher associated to the class. This can help in situations for long term substitutes or change in staff during the school year.

In Admin Mode, select the "Classes" tab on the home page.

Select a class by checking the box before its name.

Select the "Edit" button on the toolbar.

Click on the teacher's name to bring up the search box.

Selecting the "X" to the right of the Teacher's name to remove the current teacher association and then clicking on the Teacher field will bring up the search box as well.

Start to type the teacher's name to be associated to the class.

Select the correct teacher from the search list to populate the Teacher association field.

Select "Save" to exit the edit window.