Edit Classes

Class information can be edited once imported or manually added by the admin.

Note: If the school/district account is syncing nightly either with a SIS sync or Clever, classes should not be edited in any way. This could create duplicate classes and keep them from updating correctly.

Edit Class Information

In Admin Mode, select the "Classes" tab on the home page.

Select a class by checking the box before its name.

Select the "Edit" button on the toolbar.

Make changes and then select the "Save" button to exit the edit window.

Name - Create a class name.
Period - The class period will help the teacher choose the correct class for creating forms and transferring grades.
Unique ID - A class ID is optional but can be helpful to identify a specific class if needed.
School - If there is more than one school in the school/district account, the class will need to be associated to the appropriate school from the drop down menu. This allows data to be collected and viewed in the correct school reports in School Reporting mode.
Term - Choosing a term from the drop down menu will determine how the class is viewed during the current term.
Teacher - Type the teacher's name in the Search field to associate the class