Create Custom Standards

Leaders may upload custom standards that are not included in Gradient.

Prior to importing custom standards verify the standards banks already provided as part of a paid subscription and try keyword searching a sample requested standard to verify it’s not already available.

Gradient Instructional Leaders and System Admin with an association to ALL SCHOOLS (district) can manage custom standards by following the steps below:

  • From the Account Menu in the top right corner of the screen (see initials), choose Admin Mode
  • Select the More tab and select Custom Standards
  • Import Custom Standards

    Import custom standards using a CSV or Excel file.

    Prepare a file for import (see sample image below).

    Sample Custom Standards

    Standard Code must be unique from any other standard, including Gradient provided standards.

    Select the Import button from the toolbar.

    1. In the import window, select the file to be imported with the custom standards.
    2. Click RUN IMPORT.

    Manually Add Custom Standards

    Complete the fields for the standard

    1. Fields will define search criteria.
    2. Select the SAVE button to create the new custom standard.

    Standard Code must be unique from any other standard, including Gradient provided standards. If the standard covers multiple grade levels use the Grade Low and Grade High fields to set the grade level range.

    Manage Custom Standards

    Edit a Custom Standard

    1. Select a standard by checking the box before the Standard Code.
    2. Select Edit from the toolbar.
    3. Update the information within the edit window.
    4. Click SAVE

    Editing a custom standard will not update the existing aligned standard to questions in an assignment.

    Delete a Custom Standard

    1. Select a standard (or multiple standards) by checking the box(es) before the Standard Code(s).
    2. Select the Delete button from the toolbar.
    3. Confirm the deletion.

    Deleting a custom standard removes the aligned standard from any questions in an assignment. ⚠️ Deleting a custom standard cannot be undeleted.