Create a Term

Terms determine what information displays as “current” for staff access to classes, students, and assignment grading within Gradient.

  • If you are syncing rosters with Clever or Classlink, create or edit terms at the source, not within Gradient
  • Create a Term

    Terms need to be created each academic year by the Gradient System Admin, using Admin Mode.

  • Within Admin Mode, select the More tab and select Terms.
  • Select the New icon to create a term
  • Enter the information needed to create a new term.

  • Enter a Term Name and Unique ID if there is not a nightly roster sync setup. Typical term names are Yearlong, S1, T1, etc. Possible Unique IDs can include Term Name and Year.
  • Edit the Start Date or End Date by typing or selecting from the calendar.
  • Select Save to update your terms.