Create District Performance Bands

Performance bands are used to categorize a student’s overall score from an assignment. Performance bands are set for percent ranges that can be labeled to indicate a level of mastery, a grade, or to indicate proficiency.

District performance bands can be created by System Admin of Gradient School/District subscribers. They are typically created to save staff time by setting up common grading scales for the district, by school, by department, or for grade spans. Performance bands can be linked during assignment creation or toggled on for use in assignment responses, reports, and grade transfer. Read More….

Leaders and staff often create multiple performance bands for formative assignments versus graded assignments. Other scenarios for creating additional performance bands would include rubric scored assignments, standards-based grading, or to match a competency scale. They can also be used to label scores in a way that gives feedback. Read More…

Go to Account Settings and choose Performance Bands

Type a name for the New Performance Band, then select the "Add" button

To edit a Performance Band, click on "Edit" to the right of the specific band.

Edit the Name, Abbreviation, Range and Color for any of the bands.

Add additional score ranges by selecting the "Add Another Range" link.

Delete a range with the minus icon.

Select the return link to go back to the list of Performance Bands.

Close Settings Window by selecting the "X" icon to exit the Settings menu.