Create a Data Import File

Creating a data file will set up the account with one import. The format of the data file extracted from the student information system (SIS) or manually created in Excel will need to be a .csv, .tsv, .xls or .xlsx. With the data file, all teachers, students and classes will be associated to the teacher assigned to those classes and allow the staff to log in to GradeCam and start creating assignments immediately.

Sample Field Headers
(Column headers or order of columns do not need to be exactly as the example shown as each SIS titles these data fields differently and GradeCam maps to the column and not the column header. The column headers do not need to be edited to match the examples)

  • Term – Import multiple terms or create terms manually from the More tab, click on Terms and Create Terms.
  • School ID – Import multiple schools using each school’s unique ID. A single school can be selected for the entire import from the drop-down menu  
  • Teacher First Name – List teacher’s first name  
  • Teacher Last Name – List teacher’s last name  
  • Teacher Email – List teacher’s email address  
  • Teacher ID – List teacher’s ID optional  
  • Class Name – Name of class taught by teacher 
  • Class ID – A name or number the district or school uses to identify a class (Note: The Class Name and Class ID can be the same) 
  • Class Period – To allow the teacher to differentiate classes that may have similar Class Names. (optional but highly recommended) 
  • Student First Name – List student’s first name (Note: Create one line for each class a student is in)  
  • Student Last Name – List student’s last name (Note: Create one line for each class a student is in)  
  • Student ID – List student’s Unique ID(Note: This ID should match the one used in your school’s information system)  
  • GradeCam ID – Does not have to be unique to each student but it is recommended that the student Unique ID is also used for the GradeCam ID. (optional) 
  • Demographics – Examples of this would be Gender, Disability, Ethnicity, FARMS or Intervention

If adding demographic fields to the Combined Import, such as Gender, Disability, etc, the admin for the account must first add the Custom Fields before starting the Combined Import process. Custom Fields

Note: This option is not available on free or paid single-teacher accounts. Please contact to upgrade to a school or district license.