Create an Import File

One method to import rosters (terms, classses, students, and staff) into Gradient is to create an import file. Typically a Roster Leader or Gradient System Admin with access to the Student Information System (SIS) will extract and modify a file for this purpose. Accepted file formats are .CSV, .TSV, .XLS, .XLSX. A sample template can be downloaded or you can create your own file, using the file format described below.

File Format for Columns

All columns are required unless noted with an (*). It is expected that Term names, School IDs, Students and Staff will be repeated in multiple rows within the file to account for each rostered class they are associated to.

  • Term - Create or Edit Terms in Gradient prior to creating your import file so that you know both the Term Name to include in the file and have verified the dates for terms.

  • School ID - School names are already pre-loaded into Gradient. Use a School Unique ID to connect classes, staff, and students in this file to a school (Example School IDs may be a numeric code from your SIS or an acronym used for a school).

  • Staff First Name - List staff member's first name  

  • Staff Last Name - List staff member's last name  

  • Staff Email Address - List staff member's email address  

  • *Staff Unique ID - List staff member's unique ID. Staff IDs can not be recycled from year to year. TIP: Using a Staff ID allows for updating or changing staff names or emails later.

  • Class Name - Name of class as you want it displayed for staff within Gradient. TIP: Using staff last name, period, or a section # from your SIS in the Class Name can help teachers differentiate classes

  • *Class ID - A unique name or number to identify a class. TIP: If you store section IDs within your SIS, we recommend using them especially to allow class name updates later (if needed).
  • *Class Period - Included to allow staff to differentiate between classes that may have similar Class Names.
  • Student First Name - List student's first name  

  • Student Last Name - List student's last name  

  • Student ID - List student's Unique ID, likely coming from your SIS. Student IDs can not be recycled from year to year.
  • *GradeCam ID - Student ID for bubbling onto forms. This can be a shorter version of the Student ID or alternate #. You can map this field back to Student ID.
  • *Student Email - A student email can be added but is only visible to the system admin in Admin mode. (optional) 
  • Demographic or Other Data

    Gradient allows you to customize additional data to import by adding more columns to your file.

  • Demographic fields, such as Gender, Ethnicity, an Achievement Score, an At-Risk Level, etc., may be added to the Combined Import with custom column headers and the associated label to display within Gradient for the student identified.
  • Review our article for Custom Fields before starting the Combined Import process.
  • Demographic data already syncs to Gradient if you're using a Clever or Classlink roster sync method.

  • Import Process

    If you're a new System Admin, reach out for a free consultation with your Customer Success Coach to troubleshoot your import file or complete the combined import process. To proceed on your own:

  • It's always a great idea to check out Admin Mode within Gradient to see the format of the roster data for Schools, Classes, Students, and Staff that has been imported previously (if your school has used Gradient before)
  • Use the Combined Import article to map the import file columns to the required fields within Gradient.
  • If it's the beginning of the school year, verify that you are in the CURRENT Academic Year.