Combined Import

When the school/district does not have the option to use a roster sync method, the System Admin(s) have the option to manually import a file. To keep Gradient up-to-date throughout the year the System Admin will need to:

  1. Communicate to staff the process to follow to request roster updates (for staff access, class changes, student changes).
  2. Communicate to staff the turnaround time for these roster update requests
  3. Determine who has the permission to make these updates.
  4. Determine how to make the updates (1) via Admin Mode manually or (2) in mass via a new file import (please consult with your Customer Success Coach or email for tips to update without duplicating roster information).
    Watch the video or follow the steps below to learn how to do a combined import:

Import Data File

Prior to completing an import, make sure to:

  • Verify or start your Academic Year
  • Add or edit term dates
  • Verify or add your School ID
  • Create your import file
  • To import the file, enter Admin Mode, select the account menu, and choose Combined Import.

    Combined Import

    Select or drag the file(formatted .csv, .tsv, .xls or .xlsx) to start the Combined Import process.

    Select the row from the file that contains the field header information (1) (if there is no header row then choose "No Header" from the drop down menu) and then select the "Next" button (2).

    Map each column of your file to the required field within Gradient and choose Next.

    FAQs about Fields

  • The School ID in your import file must match what is entered in Gradient as School ID
  • Class Name is what helps a teacher differentiate between classes for printing forms, setting up online access, and viewing reports. Using teacher name, period, and course name within the Class Name are often helpful for teachers.
  • Class ID and Class Period are optional but highly recommended so that teachers can differentiate between similarly named classes in drop down menus within Gradient.
  • Student ID and GradeCam ID can be the same number using the same column if desired.

  • Verify that the changes shown are correct (1) before selecting the "Run Import" button (2).

    WARNING: If you're using a combined import to update existing rosters, pay careful attention to the "updated" vs. "created" counts as shown above. For example: adding a Class Period to the file after the initial import, will cause duplicate classes to be created (even when a Class ID is present). When in doubt, contact

    On the last step of the combine import, you will be asked to verify that you want to run the import before moving on to the next step. Click Done once you see the confirmation message Import Complete.

    Combined Import_Import Complete

    Next Steps

    Once the Combined Import has been successfully completed, the System Admin should coordinate with whomever is training and leading the implementation to:

  • Direct staff to login with the preferred Single-Sign-On (SS0) method connected to the email used in the roster import (no invite needed)
  • Send Staff Invites to Login if no SSO method is used
  • Communicate any new process or training information required for using Gradient (sample email here)
  • Plan ahead for PLC access
  • Think about Training Options