Add Staff

Manually adding a staff member will provide the user with the ability to create and share assessments or to provide school reporting data access or admin access, based on the assigned roles. Staff added via a sync or import method will already have access to classes and students as designated from the roster source.

Note: This option is only available to Gradient leaders that are part of a Gradient for Schools & Districts subscription. Please contact to upgrade your subscription for this feature.

Create New Staff

  1. Within Admin Mode, select the Staff tab.
  2. Select New and choose Create New Staff from the drop-down menu.
  3. Complete the required information and select Manage Associated Schools
  4. Once all information is complete, select Done and Save.

Import Staff Using a File

This is the recommended method for manually adding non-rostered staff when multiple users need to be created.

  1. Within Admin Mode, select the Staff tab.
  2. Select New and choose Import Staff from the drop-down menu.
  • The Staff Import File should include the following data columns: Staff First Name, Staff Last Name, Staff Email (if also using Canvas or Schoology with Gradient, make sure to use the same staff email), Staff Unique ID(optional)
  • Select or drag the created staff file (formatted .csv, .tsv, .xls or .xlsx).

    Follow the instructions in the File Import Wizard. Be sure to select the header row if one is included in your data file. Match the correct column with the Staff information for each field from the drop-down menus.

    Preview the changes listed, then Run Import.

    Next Steps

    After manually adding staff, next steps may include:

  • Adding staff to access groups or extending their permissions. Learn more here
  • Sending staff login invites
  • Consider if staff need shared access to assignments authored by other staff for proctoring or assignment delivery via groups instead of rosters.